Amazon customers seriously unimpressed with Wii Skylanders SuperChargers

Amazon customer reviews of Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii – known as Skylanders SuperChargers Racing – have been spectacularly low so far. Currently it stands with a 2 star rating formed of 21 customer reviews. Last year’s Trap Team, in comparison, bares a much healthier 4 star rating.

The main complaint is that it’s a racing game rather than a fully fledged adventure. You’d think that the ‘Racing’ part of the game’s title would give that away, but reading through the reviews it appears that Amazon used the same product description for all versions in the run up to release, only adding the full and proper description once complaints emerged. A lack of information on Activision’s behalf could also be to blame.

Moreover, and going by user reviews alone, it sounds like it’s a sub-standard racer at best. Poor enough to bring children to tears, anyway. Here are a few truncated – and unedited – Amazon reviews:

We spent over £100 earlier today buying the starter pack, 2 vehicles and 2 skylanders and feel like we’ve been mugged. Even on Amazon when you select the starter pack for the Wii is just says Skylanders Superchargers Wii, not Skylanders Superchargers Racing. Right now I’m livid so had better stop this review before I go into full-on rant mode, but just be aware if you’re buying for a Wii or 3ds, you only get a racing game.

This starter pack is not an adventure game – it’s a sub-standard racing game. My son has all the other Skylanders games plus around 50 Skylanders figures and he loves them. He was distraught on his birthday when he tried out this piece of rubbish.

The proper Supercharger adventure game is available on all other formats except the Wii – my son asked me to upgrade to the Wii U so he could have the proper game, which I might have considered prior to this cynical ploy – no chance now, I’d rather buy a different product. My poor ten year old was in tears, having saved up birthday money for this.

My son and I expected to get a new adventure and instead we got a simple racing game that’s definitely not worth the money. If we had been told about this difference in advance we could have managed expectations or had the choice to cancel our order and buy something else. My son’s birthday is instead going to be spent managing his intense disappointment. Thanks.

I am beyond angry about being conned by Activision. If only the racing element was available then the price should have reflected this – and as it is a similar price as the other platforms then it is not unreasonable to assume that it should incorporate all the other elements of the Skylander game

Activison and Nintendo RIP-OFF. It’s just a racing game for Wii and 3DS. SHAME ON YOU. I’ve been a collector of every Skylander until today. This is a complete disregard of every one whom as bought the Wii console. How I wish I could face the ones that decided this to be, so I could properly call you for what you are: scammers, incompetents, greedy little people, etc, et etc. Yes…there is a lot of hate going on here right now.

Absolutely useless if you are a Wii user. Disgusted that it is not clearly explained that if you use a Wii this is just a racing game. Like previous customers, we pre-ordered the started pack for our son’s birthday on the 21st September. We were very impressed that we actually received it on the release date of the 25 September, however the excitement wore off fairly quickly when my son started realizing it’s just a racing game. I kept saying that he has probably just not worked it out properly yet, but this morning we had a good look together and it’s clear. This is a racing game without any of the fantastic adventures and challenges that are promised. Will return this game, and very, very disappointing that they can mislead customers this way.

Absolute rip off! Like the previous reviewer our son has been raving about this game for weeks and so we today we collected this new Skylanders adventure from Game. We quickly got home to set the system up but the initial excitement and exhilaration from my son soon turned to tears as he struggled to find a way to get the skylanders into foot battles as they had done in the previous games. I have since found out that Nintendo and Activision have decided to launch a completely different game for us ‘mere mortals’ who happen to still be using a Wii system.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – Miss T Coomer was “very happy” with her purchase. Presumably that means it arrived in one piece.

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