Set phasers to fun – two NES Zapper classics arrive on the eShop this week

Considering it has spread all over the internet these past few days, you’ve probably already read Masayuki Uemura’s insights into the development of the NES. Specifically, the Powerpoint image from the 30th anniversary presentation revealing that the NES was packaged with a light gun simply because “America loves guns”.

This week Wii U owners get to try out two NES Zapper classics for themselves- Wild Gunman and Hogan’s Alley are both heading to the eShop, priced £3.49 each. You will however need a Wii Remote. We also suggest tracking down the surprisingly sturdy Zapper accessory that came packaged with Link’s Crossbow Training. And a copy of Ghost Squad. And House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. That’s gaming bliss right there.

Anyway, we digress. Apparently Wild Gunman’s re-release is to coincide with Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary – in BttF Part II Marty McFly steps up to a then antique Wild Gunman machine to show off his skills to a couple of kids. One of which is Elijah Wood, would you believe.

The only other new Wii U release for this week is Just Dance 2016, at a reasonable £29.99. It launches alongside the new Just Dance Unlimited service – which offers 150 new songs and regularly added tracks all year long – with prices starting at £5.49 for a 30 day pass.


Wii U discounts meanwhile include Bombing Bastards (£4.49 – regular price £5.99) and Resident Evil Revelations (£7.99 – regular price £39.99). The 3DS version of Resident Evil Revelations also sees a temporary price cut, down to £7.49.

Speaking of 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – one of Nintendo’s big Christmas hitters – is due out Friday at a slightly steep £34.99. Steep because it’s currently £25.99 to pre-order at Reviews are still under embargo. Hopefully it’ll be lifted by the time we pen our weekly new release round-up.

Joining Link’s latest on the eShop are the colourful puzzler Wizdom (£8.99) and the pixel art 2D shooter Gunslugs 2 (£4.49), which launched on PC and Android back in January. Apparently it’s not too bad.

The 3DS also gets a “free” demo of Castle Conqueror EX this week, along with Ashley’s Halloween theme (£1.79). That’s Ashley from the WarioWare series, if you’re curious. Isn’t Wario’s bloated face disgusting enough?

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