Bullet heaven – Caladrius makes a surprise appearance outside of Japan

After the surprise release of Shooting Love 200X back in April, we were left pondering what other previously import-only Xbox 360 games could belatedly appear on the Games on Demand service.

Turns out the Xbox 360 still has a surprise or two left – fellow Japanese shooter Caladrius stealth launched in both the UK and US earlier this month for £14.99/$19.99.

The Japanese version is one of the few region locked shumps, so fans of the genre – if nobody else – will no doubt be pleased to learn of this stealthy western release. The price is pleasing too considering physical copies still cost £35 on Play-Asia.

Caladrius comes from MOSS, the studio that took the helm of the Raiden series several years ago. Somewhat unsurprisingly it shares some similarities with the seminal shooter.

Treasure’s Radiant Silvergun is also often referred to as an influence. If that doesn’t pique your interest nothing will.

Matt Gander

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