Super Mario Maker provides the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom

No new Virtual Console releases are due this week, but worry not – Super Mario Maker has more than enough nostalgia to go around.


In addition to arriving at retail on Friday – packaged with an art-book as standard, and also available with a retro Mario amiibo – the incredibly well-received creation tool is also due for release on the eShop, priced £34.99.

Scores so far include 5/5 from The Telegraph, 9.5 from God is a Geek, 4.5/5 from GamesRadar and 9.0 from IGN.

Not everybody is smitten though – both The Metro and Cubed3 gave it 7/10 on the grounds that the toolset is “very restrictive”. “There’s also no ability to create a whole game using a world map or similar. You can chain together levels, and create sub areas, but that’s as complicated as the structure gets” The Metro also noted.

Steampunk crime caper The Swindle (£9.99 until 24th September, £11.99 thereafter) hits Wii U this week too, as does Star Sky (£3.60) which is set in a starlight field and is billed as “an interactive poem”.

Intrigued? Here’s the trailer:

Over on 3DS SEGA’s Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (£29.99) makes its debut. Nintendo Life found much to enjoy in this rhythm action affair, giving it a lofty 9/10. “Its rhythm game core is inspired and addictive, the presentation is charming and fun, and there’s no shortage of activities to keep you happily busy between songs, with dress-up, interior decorating, choreography, and a full-on Puyo Puyo mode all providing enjoyable distractions from the dancefloor” they said.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon (£34.99) is apparently worth a look as well, mixing elements from cult JRPGS Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon. Nintendo Life also reviewed this one, awarding it 8/10. “It’s not always a perfect mashup – the randomly generated Mystery dungeons aren’t a patch on Etrian Odyssey’s memorable mazes, and the elaborate skillsets feel better suited to menus than button mappings – but the masterful mix of addictive exploration, strategic combat, extensive customization, and a real sense of adventure remains engrossing throughout” was their verdict.

The 3DS is also due a demo of Samurai Defender, while this week’s discounts include AeternoBlade (£7.19), AiRace Speed (£2), AiRace Xeno (£1.59) and escapeVektor (£2.99). The Wii U’s price-cuts meanwhile are Trine Enchanted Edition (£5.49), Trine 2: Director’s Cut (£6.99) and TNT Racers – Nitro Machines Edition (£4.49).

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