Get bass – Mega Man and Bass hits Wii U this week

The only thing noteworthy about this week’s Nintendo eShop line-up is how sparse it is – we don’t think we’ve ever come across as quieter week.

The Wii U sees a single new Virtual Console release – Mega Man and Bass – while the 3DS gets a demo of the rather brazen Nintendogs clone I Love My Dogs.

American Wii U owners saw Mega Man and Bass arrive on Virtual Console back in May, after it chosen by fans to front Capcom’s ‘Mega May’ promotion.

It was first released on Super Famicom in 1998 – under the guise of Mega Man and Forte – and then converted to GBA in 2002. Creator Keiji Inafune designed it for younger players who were yet to purchase a 32-bit system, but don’t let that put you off – the difficulty level remains tough. Perhaps even too tough – Nintendo Life reviewed the US VC release, claiming that “there are occasions where unfair gameplay can bog down the experience”. They still went on to give it 7/10 though, reporting that “the surprising amount of replayability and overall solid game mechanics make this one worth a recommendation”.

A few discounts help to brighten an otherwise dull week, with highlights including Shin Megami Tensei IV (£8.99 – regular price £17.99), Citizens of Earth (£3.35 – regular price £9.99), Darksiders II (£9.99 – regular price £39.99), Bombing Bastards (£4.49 – regular price £5.99) and Nano Assault EX (£6.35 – regular price £8.49).

We gave Darksiders II on Wii U a going over last year after Nordic Games finally got round to re-releasing it on the eShop. Although not perfect, it may make the wait for Zelda on Wii U slightly more bearable.

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