Skate or die – 3D Streets of Rage 2 hits 3DS on Thursday

SEGA is on something of an unexpected roll at the moment – digital release Tembo the Badass Elephant launches on the download services tomorrow and has arrived to decent reviews while legendary brawler Streets of Rage 2 hits 3DS on Thursday.


Unless SEGA has somehow managed to mess this 3D revamp up (which is unlikely – their 3D revivals of 16-bit classics have been excellent so far) it’ll be £4.49 well spent. This is especially the case for those haven’t sampled Streets of Rage’s delights before – this sequel is often regarded as being one of the greatest scrolling brawlers of all-time.

Having played it recently, we can vouch that the soundtrack remains exceptional too.

While we’re on the subject we may as well rattle off the other incoming 3DS arrivals. There’s the apparently very good (8/10 on Nintendo Life) and cheap as chips Ninja Battle Heroes (£1.79), isometric tactical RPG Mercenaries Saga 2 (£3.99 – a few screenshots here) and I Love My Cats (£19.99), a virtual pet thing in which it’s possible to take your prized puss to the beach. That’s the last place a cat would ever want to visit, Battersea Dog’s Home aside.

Yoshi Touch & Go (£6.29) is this week’s sole Wii U Virtual Console release. An early Nintendo DS outing, we recall it being a bit underwhelming. Stick with Yoshi’s Woolly World or perhaps consider Canvaleon (£10.80 until 6th Aug, £12.59 thereafter) – a 2D stealth platformer starring a pleasingly gormlessly looking chameleon. Then there’s Blocky Bot (£1.89), a “mini platformer” which boasts of the first ever playable box of French fries. Presumably developers Mobot Studios – of Paper Monsters Recut fame – have forgotten about Midway’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force tie-in. Nintendo Life reckons this one is worth a look too, comparing it to Splatoon’s Squid Jump.

A trio of discounts finish the week off, all of which are for 3DS. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars drops to £13.49 (regular price £24.99) while Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX is down from £6.30 to £4.49. Those who have downloaded the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Special Demo Version meanwhile can bag the full game for £24.99 until 30th June. You might want to hold your horses on that deal however – a physical copy can be had for under £20 on Amazon currently.

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