F1 2015 review round-up

Reviews of F1 2015 are slowly starting to surface online. Critics are pretty much in agreement that the lack of content is disappointing but the foundations are sturdy enough. Two seasons for the price of one is a nice bonus too.

GamesRadar however were so disgruntled by the amount of obvious omissions that their review began thusly: “No career mode. No season challenge. No rival system. No online co-op. No champions mode. No classic content. No split screen. No functional safety car. No motorhome. No paddock. No TV interviews… The list goes on. F1 2015 elects to abandon several great features explored over Codemasters’ last five years of F1 games and the result is – comparatively at least – an inevitable disappointment”.

Here’s a round-up of what else is being said:

4/5 – The Independent: “Codemasters promised that F1 2015 will be the “most immersive Formula 1 experience to date”, and despite every motorsport game ever considered has claimed to deliver the same, this time they may just be on to something”

4/5 – Pocket Lint: “Overall F1 2015 is a triumph. It is, unequivocally, the best Formula One game ever made, whether you’re a complete novice or own a set of racing overalls in real life. It simply looks and feels more authentic than any of its predecessors”

3.5/5 – Official Xbox Magazine UK (via GamesRadar): “The core experience is deep and 60fps racing is welcome, but with many staple features absent and little sense of true excitement, this isn’t a great new-gen debut”

6/10 – The Metro: “The racing and visuals are good, but the scarcity of modes and options means this is another year where the official F1 tie-in barely makes the starting grid”

6/10 – VideoGamer: “Overall, F1 2015 represents the best driving seen in the series to date, but sadly doesn’t provide the graphical leap it should, nor does it come with the feature list fans rightly expect”

N/A – Eurogamer: “It feels less like a reboot and more like a foundation for what’s to come, when some of the features that have been excised will be slowly rolled back in. Still, if your passion for the sport hasn’t been dimmed in recent months, you may well find that what’s at the heart of F1 2015 can quite often outshine the real thing”

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