A new yarn for Yoshi

Last week was a quiet one for the UK eShop, save for surprise VC arrival EarthBound Beginnings and 3DS adventure Xenodrifter. This week, on the other hand, is the busiest in recent memory.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is the biggest release, arriving in Europe almost four months before America. It’s set to cost £34.99 on the eShop and until 20th August it’ll come with a free download code for Yoshi Touch & Go on Wii U.

As we always point out though a physical copy can be found cheaper online – it’s currently £26.66 to pre-order from GameSeek.

Will Yoshi’s Woolly World join Splatoon in the UK’s top ten next week? It stands a good chance.


Art Academy: Atelier is also due out as a retail release in the future. Those who own Art Academy: SketchPad can get an extra £3.59 off the £24.99 asking price. This iteration allows user’s creations to be uploaded to YouTube, in addition to the standard Miiverse support.

Then we have three “new” Virtual Console releases for Wii U – the Nintendo DS’s Kirby: Mouse Attack (£8.99), late N64 release Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (£8.99) and Dr Kawashima’s BRAIN TRAINING: How Old is Your Brain (£6.29). We’re pretty sure that last one was available for free several months ago.

Before we get onto the 3DS releases there are more Wii U games to cover – Activision’s co-op puzzler Shiftlings (£13.99) and the rather brazen Minecraft clone Cube Life: Island Survival (£5.39). With Minecraft on Nintendo formats unlikely to ever happen, Cube Life may end up selling surprisingly well.

3DS owners have three new titles to mull over this week: puzzler Tappingo 2 (£2.39), the presumably dire Garfield Kart (£24.99) – also arriving at retail on Friday – and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 (£29.99). That last one is being joined by a stupidly vast array of DLC – 23 pieces ranging from free (hurrah!) to £29.99 (Eek!)

Discounts aren’t too shabby this week either. These include Shin Megami Tensei IV (£8.99 – 3DS), Paper Monsters Recut (£2.79 – Wii U), Knytt Underground (£3.99 – Wii U), Pure Chess (£2.99 – 3DS/Wii U) and Stick it to the Man (£3.49 – Wii U). Stick it to the Man in particular is a bargain – a short but lovingly crafted adventure with a warped sense of humour.

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