LEGO Jurassic World hits 3DS this week. Sorry, Wii U owners – you’ll have to wait

It’s sad to say that Wii U owners are probably used to being treated as second-rate console owners by now. That’s something that won’t be changing any time soon, especially with news that LEGO Jurassic World isn’t due out on Wii U until a week after the official launch.


As such, the Wii U version is absent from this week’s eShop line-up. LEGO Jurassic World is still heading to the 3DS eShop though, priced at £24.99. Both GAME and Amazon currently have the physical release available to pre-order for £20.99, but to fair Warner Bros’s asking price could be a lot higher – we’ve seen digital releases arrive on the eShop for over £30.

Is it worth buying? We’ll probably never be able to provide a firm answer – the last two 3DS LEGO games received so few reviews that they don’t even have a Metacritic score.

At least we can always rely on Mario to bring the goods. Cue Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (£8.99), due out Thursday on 3DS.

That subtitle relates to a new power-up that can wipe out all viruses of a certain colour or entire rows. A small addition, yet one that’s enough to put a welcome spin on multi-player mode, making victorious comebacks all the more likely. It’s possible to host a multi-player game using just one copy of the game too.


Over on the Wii U eShop there are just two new Virtual Console games to consider – Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue (£6.29) and Megaman Battle Network 3 White (£6.29). We guess it makes sense to release both of these role-playing/strategy hybrids at the same time. Incidentally, they feature different bosses, characters and items from one another.

It’s even a case of slim pickings where discounts are concerned. Luv Me Buddies Wonderland falls to £8.90 on 3DS and £9.90 on Wii U, while fellow 3DS release Battleminer drops to £2.99. Fit Music for Wii U also gets a cut – down to £9.90 – as does the online-focused Cubemen 2 (£3.99). Apparently Cubemen 2 is a pretty good game but suffers from a lack of people to play against. Hopefully this discount will change that.

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