Affordable Space Adventures – the Wii U’s new frontier

With a £16.99 price tag, Affordable Space Adventures certainly doesn’t live up to its name. We actually to fail to think of a single eShop release that’s arrived at a higher price, downloads of retail releases notwithstanding.

That name wasn’t picked simply because it sounds delightfully quirky though – it’s all about exploring space while on a budget. The Wii U GamePad is used to tweak the spaceship’s internal gubbins while you navigate planets and sneak past robots. In co-op mode, one player takes control of an engineer while the other plays as a pilot. A scientist can join your merry (starship) enterprise too, controlling the ship’s scanner and flashlight.


Nintendo Life gave the Wii U-exclusive an 8/10 earlier this week, claiming that “There’s nothing else quite like this out there, and it’s certainly a trip worth taking”. They also called it “one of the eShop’s top-tier games”.

Just one other new release is heading to the Wii U eShop this week and that’s Guac’ a Mole (£3.19). Very clever. Well, it would be if half-a-dozen Mexican restaurants didn’t share the same name. Details are thin on the ground but – and as the name suggests – it appears to be a Whack a Mole variant. Unless we’re mistaken it made its debut on the App Store. Read into that as you will.

Over on 3DS meanwhile there’s the free Pokémon Rumble World – with in-app purchases, natch – and the tranquil puzzler Quell Memento (£3.19), a the sequel to last year’s Quell Reflect.

They’re being joined by My Pet School 3D (£24.99), in which it’s possible to teach animals road safety before helping them to become movie stars. We fail to see how those two events are connected.

It’s not exactly a riveting week where discounts are concerned either. Especially when the only ones worth mentioning are WRC FIA World Rally Championship The Official Game (£16.99 down from £29.99) and first-person dungeon crawler The Keep (£5.49 down from £7.99). We’re not even sure if WRC is any good – we’re still yet to see a single review. At least we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt, eh?

Matt Gander

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  • Thanks, but you have to admit that was an easy mistake to make – there are not one, but two, games called Guacamole on the App Store.

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