Two more cult classics join the Wii U’s Virtual Console library

Judging by the bitterness of the weather outside, we’ll be spending most this week in the warmth and out of the way of the elements. Luck would have it that there are a few new arrivals of note on the eShop.


It’s two new Virtual Console offerings that grab our attention – SNES cult classics Cybernator and Pac-Attack. Although we haven’t played Cybernator for many years, the fact that it received an almost unaltered PS2 conversion back in 2005 would suggest that Konami’s shooter still holds up well.

Having shown Pac-Attacksome love early last year, it’s is one that we can vouch for. For fans of Tetris in particular, it’s well worth a look. Despite the Pac-Man license fitting the puzzler like a glove, it was actually designed with Namco’s often forgotten Cosmo Gang in mind. A bit of trivia for you there.

Both are due on Wii U for £5.49. They’re the US versions, if that means anything to you.

The Wii U also gets artwork creation tool SDK Paint (£3.99) – which features Miiverse support (uh-oh!) and 3D viewing via anaglyph 3D glasses – and the purse pleasingly priced Hyrule Warriors: Boss Pack (£2.69). This add-on includes, and we quote, “Two new challenge modes (Boss Challenge and Ganon’s Fury) with five new alternatively-coloured costumes as rewards”.


Nintendo also reports that “each mode also contains three battle types across three difficulty levels, as well as one extra-difficult scenario”.

Things are a tad busier over on the 3DS eShop. Five new releases, no less. Say hello to Hello Kitty & Sanrio Friends 3D Racing (£29.99) – also due out at retail this Friday – stupidly titled pre-school rhythm game Mes Comptines (£4.49), 8-bit style platform adventure Zombie Incident (£1.99), blatant Tetris clone Best of Arcade Games – Tetraminos (£8.99) and Titan Attacks! (£7.99).

That last one is a Space Invaders/Galaga-alike from Curve Studios. The PS4 version went down well, with many reviewers claiming that it puts a welcome spin on a classic formula.


Discounts for this week are far more enticing than last week. Highlights include Wii U scrolling brawler Rock Zombie (£3.59) plus 3DS titles BIT.TRIP SAGA (£4.49), Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi (£11.99), Virtue’s Last Reward (£7.99) and Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (£8.99).

VAN HELSING SNIPER ZX100 also gets a permanent drop from £6.66 to £2.69, thus forever ruining EnjoyUp’s little joke in the process.

Matt Gander

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