The rise of Sony’s new order

Despite a mixed reception, The Order: 1886 has become the latest UK chart topper, dethroning Evolve after just one week on top.

Evolve now rests at #3 while Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare moves back up to #2.


Far Cry 4 and GTA V finish off the top five at #4 and #5 respectively. How apt.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D remains in the top ten for a second week, but just barely – Link’s latest is down from #2 to #8.

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate has departed the top ten however, falling from #4 to #12. Hopefully its top 40 descent will be a slow one, unlike fellow Nintendo-exclusives Bayonetta 2 and Captain Toad: Treasure Tacker.

The Order: 1886 isn’t the only new entry. SEGA’s Total War: Attila made #21 – download sales, as always, aren’t included in Chart-Track’s top 40 – while Dead or Alive 5: Last Round made #27.

There’s only one re-entry this week – The Last of Us: Remastered at #22. This suggests The Order: 1886 managed to help Sony shift a few more PS4’s last week.

Matt Gander

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  • Great game, deserves it’s #1 especially in light of the reviews. Congratulations. Just goes to show the disconnect between professional reviewers and the people who actually play the games. I love the Order. Can’t wait to get my hands on a sequel.

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