Fat Princess: Piece of Cake contains a delicious bonus

Sony’s free-to-play puzzler Fat Princess: Piece of Cake launched on PS Vita, iOS and Android earlier this week.


We plan to review it at some stage, but for now we’re willing to say that it’s yet another solid but unspectacular match-three puzzler.

It does, however, have a rather nice incentive to keep playing – once level 15 has been beaten a code to download the original Fat Princess on PlayStation 3 unlocks. It’s currently £7.99 on PSN ($14.99 in the US) so it’s definitely worth the effort.

We’re currently on level 9 after around an hour of play, so by rough estimation level 15 should only take around two hours to reach. Don’t quote us on that though – we do fear that we’re about to hit a pesky paywall at any moment.

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