GTA: San Andreas for £2.99? That’s a steal

The Xbox 360 revamp of GTA: San Andreas managed to escape the grasp of our weekly new release round-up. There’s an acceptable reason for this though – it has been rumoured, officially announced and launched all within the space of a week.

Released in the nick of time for the crime caper’s 10th anniversary – ten years to this very day, in fact – it’s available now via the Xbox 360’s ‘Games on Demand’ service.

A resolution bump to 720p, enhanced draw distance and achievement support (33 achievements worth a total of 1000G) are all part of the package. However, sale files from the delisted ‘Xbox Originals’ version cannot be carried over.

Arguably, it’s the price that’s the biggest surprise – a mere £2.99. Rockstar could have easily charged double that amount, so you should probably buy them a pint sometime.

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