Insert Destiny’s Child Pun Here

What could be this week’s UK number one? What could it possibly be? Oh, that’s right – Destiny. Bungie’s sci-fi shooter sits atop the chart for a second week. Well done Destiny.

Only time – and more specifically FIFA 15 – will tell if Destiny retains the top spot next week.

Three new titles entered the chart this week, two of them occupying the second and third place spots right behind Destiny. In at two is Disney Infinity 2.0, which we reviewed last week. Who can resist a Marvel-themed Disney game with collectable figurines?

Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors takes the number three spot. Not bad for a Wii U game competing with Destiny. Although from four onwards the chart looks pretty stale (Hello Watch_Dogs at #4!), so don’t get too excited.

Fans of Final Fantasy themed 3DS musical rhythm games will be pleased to know TheatRhythm: Curtain Call has entered the chart at #17. Good job there Square Enix.

FIFA 14 is still in the charts at #37, so perhaps next week it will get to stay in the top 40 alongside its newer sibling. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

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