Motocross Madness – blood, sweat and glitches

Enjoying current Xbox 360 freebie Motocross Madness? Us neither – the races are far too easy while the exploration mode is both badly designed and tedious.

If you’re still hoping to squeeze the achievements out of it though, then here’s a glitch that will assist in bagging two of the slighter harder ones.

‘Free Fall’ is for gaining 5 seconds of air time and worth 10G, while ‘No Pain No Gain’ is for a slingshot distance of 2000ft and worth 15G.

To obtain these two effortlessly, simply load up the Coastline exploration map (or travel to it, if the map is still unlocked) and head to the invisible wall towards the end of the beach. Just before reaching the wall the ground will vanish, sending both bike and biker under the map. The biker is then sent sky-rocketing through the air in an amusing manner.

Take a look at the video above from YouTuber ‘goinpostal321’ for a clearer explanation…and one hell of a crash landing.

Dishonored is the next Xbox 360 freebie. Xbox One owners meanwhile are able to download recent release Strike Suit Zero and launch title Crimson Dragon for free.

Incidentally, the owner of a nearby indie store claims that some Xbox owners are still unaware of Microsoft’s ‘Games With Gold’ promotion. Food for thought, there.

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