Restaurant chain Denny’s reheats Atari classics

Since filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, we’ve seen a steady string of Atari licensed products. Back in May a range of casino games featuring the likes of Missile Command were announced for Facebook and mobiles, while during E3 a whole host of Atari branded tablets and mobiles were revealed.


Their latest licensing endeavour is certainly their strangest yet. US restaurant chain Denny’s has remixed three Atari classics, giving each a fast food theme.

The free Denny’s Atari Remix app is available now on both iTunes and Google Play, containing Hashteroids (Asteroids), Cenitipup (Centipede) and Take-Out (Break-Out). Somebody clearly has a keen eye for detail – just look at those the authentic cart labels.

Although the visuals have been altered – Asteroids now features hashbrowns instead of giant space rocks, while the ship has been replaced with a ketchup bottle – the sound-effects remain the same, which certainly helps to retain their nostalgic appeal.

The controls work well too, with Cenitipup featuring a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen.

Even though Denny’s doesn’t have a presence in the UK, the app is still available outside the US. Last night we spent a good fifteen minutes scrambling eggs in Take-Out.

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