Child of Light set to delight

It’s a busy week for eShop offerings – two recommended Wii U downloads, two Virtual Console releases, two 3DS demos, three new 3DS games and three re-releases of older 3DS titles. Blimey.

Ubisoft’s stylish 2D RPG adventure Child of Light (£11.99) has been getting strong reviews, including an 8/10 from Eurogamer: “Child of Light stands as a wonderfully realised venture into unfamiliar territory for Ubisoft”. GamesRadar meanwhile handed out a 4.5/5: “It’s a memorable, creative experience that’s more than worthy of the asking price”.

It’s a shame that Ubisoft isn’t giving the Wii U version a deluxe retail release like the PS4/PS3 iteration is receiving. Wii U retail releases are becoming even fewer and far between.

Stick It To The Man

At least there are still plenty of indie games to get stuck into, such as Stick it to the Man (£6.99) – an overlooked puzzle adventure which first appeared on PS3 and PS Vita late last year. If you enjoy the works of Double Fine, then give this one a go. It has a very similar warped sense of humour.

Castlevania II Simon’s Quest (£3.49) is the week’s only Wii U VC release, while the 3DS gets good old Galaga (£4.49).

The 3DS’s new releases are a trio of titles also heading to retail this week – the well received Mario Golf: World Tour (£34.99), cult RPG sequel Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (£34.99) and Hometown Story (£29.99) from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada. All three of these are worth a look. Demos of Mario Golf and Etrain Odyssey Untold are available should you need convincing of their merits.

Staying with demos for a moment, you can put Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars and The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll through their paces from Thursday. We like a bit of Denpa Men round these parts.

Hidden object games Azada (£10.79) and Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (£10.79) join the 3DS’s download library this week too. Never mind them though – Cave Story is getting a re-release as well, and at a mere £6.00 to boot. If you’ve been after this for a while then this news will no doubt make your day – copies of the retail version routinely sell for over £50.

This leaves us with three 3DS discounts – temporary drops of Tappingo (£1.69) and Darts Up 3D (£0.89) and a permanent drop on Bird Mania Christmas 3D to 89p. Only four months’ late there, fellas.

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