Yoshi came in like a wrecking ball. All he wanted was to eat them all

It’s a reasonably busy week for new arrivals on the Nintendo eShop. That’s where the 3DS is concerned, anyway – the Wii U sees just two Virtual Console releases and a few discounts.

Those two new additions to the Virtual Console catalogue are the NES iterations of Double Dragon and Super Dodge Ball, priced at £3.49 each. They’re the US versions, if that means anything to you.


On the 3DS eShop Pokémon Link: Battle! (£7.19) takes the lead. A sequel to the 2005 DS sliding tile puzzler (known as Pokémon Trozei! in the US), it features over 700 of the collectable critters and a local co-op mode for four-players.

There are no reviews currently, but the original was well received and it’s also hard to imagine just how Nintendo could possibly mess the formula up. The inevitable appearance from Mr. Mime notwithstanding.

That’s being joined by Cube Tactics (£4.49), a game which invites you to become a ‘Cube Master’ by building an army and then strategically battling it out on cubic battlefields.

The video on Nintendo’s site should give you a clearer idea than our vague description. Hey, don’t blame us – even the press release fails to describe it fully.

Then there’s Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot, a one button platformer that resembles an endless runner but in fact isn’t – there are three different endings, as well as a final boss to beat. It looks a little rough visually, but at £2.69 such shortcomings such can be excused.

Yoshi’s New Island (£34.99) is also due to arrive on the eShop on Friday to coincide with the retail release. We’re still waiting for reviews to hatch, but in the meantime Nintendo has released a new video showing what to expect from the pastel-hued 2D platformer:

That’s it for new releases this week, but there is a sizeable amount of discounts. The Luigi-themed sale continues for a second week running, including Dr. Luigi for £8.99 and Super Mario Bros. 2 on Wii U and 3DS for a bargain £1.74. Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS is being dropped to £31.99 also, but it’s hard to consider that a decent discount even if it was £39.99 to begin with.

As for third-party discounts, Marvel Pinball 3D and Star Wars Pinball on 3DS are down to £3.14 until 20th March while Zen Pinball 3D falls to £2.24 until then too.

They’re all well worth a look, as is BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien on Wii U which is £3.33 until next Thursday. One of the best Wii U eShop titles for the cost of an irregularly priced sandwich? Sold!

Matt Gander

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