TxK soundtrack now available

Llamasoft has added the exceptional TxK soundtrack to alternative music download site Bandcamp.

It’s available now for a mere £3 (or more, if you’re feeling generous).

A mixture of tekkno and ambient tracks, it’s bound to have you bopping during your morning commute. Do the cool kids still “bopp” these days? We’re well out of touch.

Over on Jeff Minter’s blog – Yak’s Progress – some incite has been given as to how the soundtrack came to be:

What perhaps most people don’t know is that the soundtrack came together in a most amazing way. Over on the Yakyak forum there are a bunch of talented musicians who hang out on the Moosicians subforum. Now at the time I started the TxK project there wasn’t any way on earth I could actually afford to hire musicians to develop tracks for me, so I asked in the forum if anyone would be interested in donating tracks for the upcoming project.

A bunch of guys pitched in and the results are I am sure you will agree rather exceptional. I asked for tracks “in the style of T2K” and everyone had their own take on what that meant. I’m amazed how excellently all the tracks fit together and how perfectly they suit the game. The result is a soundtrack that surpasses its original inspiration to become the best soundtrack any Llamasoft game has ever had.

Intrigued? Head over to Bandcamp and crank your speakers up to an unsociable volume.

Matt Gander

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