Meanwhile, on the funny farm…

You know it’s a quiet week for new Nintendo downloads when a farming simulator takes the limelight.

At least My Farm on Wii U looks far jollier than the recent – and also rubbish – console iteration of Farming Simulator 2013, sporting a colourful European visual style and a more comical vibe.


The £7.19 download gives the chance to forge a fully working farm, starting with just a humble hen. Animals, of which there are ten in total, are cleaned, fed and eventually sold using the GamePad. If the video on Nintendo’s site is to go by, it’s pretty simplistic stuff, and the farm also appears to be worryingly small.

Staying with animal husbandry for a moment, a demo of the 3DS’s Animal Hospital is due to go up this Thursday. That’s joined by Hidden Expedition Titanic, a DSiWare download of all things. As the title suggests, it’s another one of those hidden object games. See – we told you it’s a quiet week.

NES Open Tournament Golf on Wii U – priced at £3.49 – is the week’s only Virtual Console release. Nintendo refers to it as a “classic” but we aren’t entirely sure we agree. Those who already own it on Wii can get it on Wii U for a “special upgrade” price by performing a system transfer.


Rising Star Games provide the bulk of this week’s Nintendo discounts, all of which commence 6th Feb.

Virtue’s Last Reward for £9.99 is the best deal by far, followed by interactive novel Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi for £14.99. BIT.TRIP SAGA for £8.99 isn’t bad either, although it’s possible to find a physical copy for around the same price.

Girl’s Fashion Shoot, Shifting World, Super Black Bass 3D, Jewel Master: Cradle Of Rome 2/Cradle Of Egypt 2 and Beyblade Evolution are the rest of the games on offer, with prices varying from £8.99 to £14.99.

Outright Trials HD clone Urban Trials Freestyle is also getting a price drop, down to £3.15 from Thursday. If you can look past the plagiarism, it’s apparently not too bad.

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