EA’s Madden Super Bowl Simulation

As most Americans will know, today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day when millions of Americans sit around a giant bowl of cereal and watch American Football on TV – or Hand Egg USA as they call it over there.

Each year over the last decade EA has run a simulation with the latest Madden game to predict the Super Bowl winner. This year, the Denver Broncos face off against the Seattle Seahawks.

Whilst it’s just a bit of fun and publicity for EA, the Madden Super Bowl simulation has correctly predicted 8 of the last 10 Super Bowl winners, so it’s not to be sniffed at (although, probably only slightly more accurate than a dart throwing monkey on a lucky streak). This year, Madden predicted a 31 – 28 win for the Denver Broncos. So make of that what you will!

Are you American, or not American? Will you be watching the Super Bowl today? Do you know what an owl is? Feel free to discuss all these points and more on social media by tweeting us @gamesasylum and moaning about the shape of balls in America.

Adam Philbin

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