What does your starter Pokemon say about you?

Have you ever wondered what your starter Pokemon say about you? We make like Psyduck and put our (frankly limited) psychology skills to the test:

Chespin – Grass type


A lover of all things cute and fluffy, your lifelong dream is to open a theme park exclusively for hamsters.

You’re even able to look past the fact that the majority of rodents eat their children at birth.

Like most small furry creatures, you have a tendency to strike out without warning when provoked. Many people have felt the pain of your toothy bite over the years. Well, the same level of pain as a mishap with an office stapler.

Chespin’s hat relates to your mysterious nature. What’s under the hat? More fur, probably, but we’ll never know for sure.

Your favourite TV programs include Adventure Time and Bob’s Burgers and your most cherished ex-GamesMaster presenter is Dave Perry.

Froakie – Water type


As a frog-like Pokemon you’ll know that beauty is only skin deep. You’re also a very complicated person, full of emotion – tranquil one moment and boiling with rage the next, especially when places in environments at a temperature of 100 degrees or above.

You can recite every single word from both the recent Smurf movies and your favourite X-Men character is Mystique.

You wet the bed until the age of 12 and often blamed it on the family dog.

Your nickname as school was Tadpole on the account of being friends with a half-Polish lad.

Fennekin – Fire type


Loyal as a dog – that’s you that is. You also enjoy drinking from the toilet bowl when nobody is looking and due to a flexible nature poses the ability to scratch behind your ear using your feet. It really is quite the sight to behold.

An obsession with fire means you cannot resist interfering with candles when at a dinner party or having a meal out. While the other guests are talking about the state of society, you’re merrily caving paths for the melted wax to trickle down and burning napkins.

You also detest any player who picks Froakie as their starter Pokemon.

Many bones lay buried in your back garden, but it’s ok – we won’t tell the police.

Matt Gander

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