GTA V review round-up – no superlatives left unused

At a reported $250 million GTA V takes the accolade as being most expensive videogame ever created, costing even more to produce than blockbusters movies The Avengers and James Cameron’s Avatar.

Is it any good though? Of course it bloody is.

The embargo lifted at 3pm today, where it was met to overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics:

9/10 – Destructoid: “I see a game that knows its own reputation, owns it, and makes fun of itself in a nonetheless celebratory fashion”

9/10 – Eurogamer: “GTA5 may not be the Hollywood-beating crime story it wants to be [then], but it’s the best video game it’s ever been, and I’ll take that”

9.5 – Polygon: “Grand Theft Auto 5 is the closure of this generation, and the benchmark for the next”

10/10 – TheSixthAxis: “A genuine landmark event in the history of videogames and it’s one that you definitely shouldn’t miss”

10/10 – IGN: “Grand Theft Auto V is not only a preposterously enjoyable video game, but also an intelligent and sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America”

10/10 – CVG: “Whether you’re in the thick of a bank heist or exploring the wilderness listening to Johnny Cash on the country station, it always feels tight, refined, and polished”

10/10 – EDGE: “As we stand on the brink of a new generation, GTAV sends an intimidating message to the rest of the industry. Beat that”

10/10 – Official Xbox Magazine: “Rockstar’s Xbox 360 swansong is probably the console’s greatest technical achievement, and as such it’s unmissable”

10/10 – Official PlayStation Magazine: “Consistently hilarious, constantly compelling and combining never-before-seen scale and ambition. This is going to make next-gen look bad for a long time to come”

10/10 – X360 Magazine: “Rockstar has learnt from the last five years of development, implemented ideas from across its stable and delivered a game that makes many next-gen releases look dubiously incomplete”

If you’re planning on buying it on Xbox 360 tomorrow, Rockstar warns – via Eurogamer – not to install the play disc, only the install disc. A handy heads-up, there.

Matt Gander

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