Fuel Overdose developers indulge in self-mockery

Press releases are usually tedious affairs filled with exaggeration but the recently issued presser for Fuel Overdose – an anime-inspired car combat title released on PSN late last year – caught our eye.

“Fuel Overdose competes with GTA V for a new sales record” reads the incredibly tongue-in-cheek title, where it’s then proclaimed by Skander Djerbi – founder of Fuse Overdose developer I-Friqiya – that they believe with just 600 copies sold since launch it could be a contender for the worst selling console game of all time.


Such modesty is rarely heard of.

There is a point to the press release though, other than to remind that the game is still available on PSN at an incredibly reduced rate for the next two days.

To wit: they hope that it’ll “encourage other publishers and developers to publish their sales figures to challenge Fuel Overdose’s performance and unveil a part of the truth regarding the current situation of the digital download markets”.

We guess they aren’t the only developer to be faced with poor sales figures lately.

Reviews were mixed upon release – everything from 8.5 from Impulse Gamer to a D- from Gaming Age – but with most scores around the 6/10 mark it should have sold far more than a miserable 600 copies.

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