Famitsu gives Farming Simulator a green-fingered thumbs up

Considering that developers Giant are based in Germany, you’d expect the first review of Farming Simulator – launching on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow – to surface on one of the countless European gaming sites.


That’s not the case though. And no, the first review wasn’t from an American website either – it was in Japanese publication Famitsu, of all places.

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t even know that it was due for release in Japan.

Famitsu took the straight-laced sim to their heart, praising the fine eye for detail before giving it 32/40 (9/9/7/7).

Here’s what one of the reviewers, Rolling Uchizawa, had to say (via Polygon):

“It’s more of a farm-equipment simulator than a ‘farming’ one per se. In a way it’s a shock that this hasn’t been done before. The fun inherent in controlling these intricately-detailed real-life machines is sort of like what you get operating a robot; there’s a real sense of excitement here. Still, there are a lot of buttons you have to use, so it’s hard to get used to. Farming is overall a pretty low-key experience, but if you can enjoy that sort of diligent work…”

We’d love for Farming Simulator’s second print run to feature Famitsu’s review score on the cover. Don’t ask us why. We just would.

Matt Gander

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