The Wii U revival begins here

After months of waiting, the Wii U finally receives the game that enticed a lot of people into purchasing the system in the first place – Pikmin 3.

We doubt it’s going to turn the Wii U’s fortunes around single-handedly, but it should help to get a little bit of momentum going.


Nintendo’s garden gang RTS has always had something of a cult-following, and now thanks to the Wii U’s powerful innards back garden battles can be waged in lovely HD. To quote Eurogamer: “It’s Pikmin as it always should have looked.”

Reviews appeared online earlier this week, where it was met to with 9/10s from both Eurogamer and gamesTM and 8/10s from GameCentral and EDGE. According to Metacritic the lowest score it has received so far (from 24 critics) is an 8, which is pretty impressive.

GAME are selling it for £34.99 with a free flying Pikmin keyring. If you have no need for such a thing, then it can be had for £31.99 from Amazon. At £27.99 it’s cheaper still at Wow HD, but we’ve heard that their delivery times are appalling.

Should you choose to download it from the eShop for £39.99 then you get 30% off The Wonderful 101 when that releases, which strikes us as a pretty good deal.

After making an arrival on the Wii U eShop as DLC around a month ago, New Super Luigi U leaps to retail too, and in a fetching green case to boot. Although the price is roughly £10 more than the download, you don’t need the original New Super Mario Bros. U to play it.


Releasing two ‘big name’ Wii U games on the same day may sound like an odd thing to do, until you consider there’s nothing else out this week at retail. For once, the Wii U gets some time to shine.

There are plenty of new downloads out though. Curve Studio’s fast paced 2D stealth sim Stealth Inc sneaks onto both PS3 and PS Vita for £7.99, as does the colourful Do Not Fall. The latter takes inspiration from the falling platforms found in platformers of yore and is by a studio who had a helping hand in Skylanders, hence why there are some visual similarities.

Trailers for those can be found here and here.


Also for PS3 there’s Everybody’s Golf, priced at £11.99. For those who own the PS Vita version, all of your downloadable content is Cross-Buy and will be unlocked in the PlayStation 3 version. Pretty neat. It has PS Move support too, for those looking for a reason to dust off their device.

Then on XBLA there’s the cyberpunk Mars-based RPG Mars: War Logs which has a plot featuring factions fighting over water – the most precious resource on the planet.


The PC version was released back in April and was greeted with mediocre reviews. One reviewer noted that it felt rushed out, so hopefully those months between the PC and 360 versions have been spent adding spit and polish.

A round-up of new Virtual Console downloads finishes this week off. On Wii U Virtual Console there’s Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (£5.49), the side scrolling brawler SENGOKU on Wii VC (900 points) and Street Gangs on 3DS VC (£4.49). You might know that last one as River City Random. Here, have a tumblr for it.

Next week: Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear (PS3, 360) and Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (3DS).

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