Garfield on the go

We’re glad Namco-Bandai didn’t pick Pac-Man to star in an endless runner – we find it slightly disturbing that the yellow fellow somehow sprouted limbs, not to mention that giant nose.

Instead, the publisher has picked good old Garfield for a spot of never-ending running. Perhaps not the most obvious character to headline such a game. Then again, the fat feline could do with shifting a few pounds, so maybe there’s an underlying message here for cat owners to give their pets more exercise.

Garfield’s Wild Ride is set inside the moggy’s dreams, hence why the trailer shows Garfield dressed in superhero garb, riding a giant Ode and leaping around on a skateboard.

Controls have been kept purposely simple – tapping the screen is all that’s required to guide Garfield out of harm’s way. Scores can be added to Facebook in order to pester your friends, while the addition of a randomised prize wheel should help to give it that all-important addictive streak.

It’s available now for 69p on iTunes and Google Play. You couldn’t even buy a frozen lasagne for that price. Well, maybe a Findus one.

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