Stranger’s Wrath HD on Wii U? Stranger things have happened (Updated)

When footage of Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty was shown during the special E3 Nintendo Direct it caused a bit of a stir on the social networking sites.

It’s easy to understand why – a lot of people have fond memories of the playing the Oddworld games, with Abe said to be very popular with female gamers in particular.

It can only be good news, then, to hear that Nintendo themselves have apparently asked the developers to bring Stranger’s Wrath HD to Wii U. This comes from a very credible source – the Official Nintendo Magazine.

To quote:

Not only did we hear that forgotten platform classic Abe’s Oddysee would be getting a remake, New ‘N’ Tasty, on Wii U eShop, we also then found out Nintendo had asked the developer for the HD remake of shooter sequel, Stranger’s Wrath, they were working on, too. We’re already belching loudly in anticipation.

Stranger’s Wrath saw the series become a first person shooter, featuring livestock as live ammo. Sadly the former Xbox-exclusive’s deserved success was cut short after publisher EA chose not to give it any promotion.

Update: Stranger’s Wrath HD for Wii U was officially confirmed earlier this month. We must have missed that announcement during the E3 news slew. Still, it’s pleasing to hear Nintendo approaching studios for software.

Matt Gander

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  • ”with Abe said to be very popular with female gamers in particular”. Where on Earth did you get that bizarre demographic?

  • Isn’t it common knowledge that the original Oddworld was made with female gamers in mind? That’s why Abe is your simple ‘average Joe’ and doesn’t run around holding rifles and such.

    To quote creator Lorne Lanning: “Aggression over time equals rewards. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting anything or bouncing on their heads, it’s all the same concept. And so we thought, if we could change the paradigm to be empathy equals rewards over time, but still not sacrifice the things that are fun about action and adventure, then we could start to get a little more heart going, and that might start to do things like pick up on the female demographic, get more women interested in games”

    And it must have worked, because I recall reading that Abe was popular with female gamers in a magazine. EDGE, I believe.

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