Grab some cornflakes – more Digitiser pages have been preserved

The Teletext Preservation Project has this week uploaded 125 editions of Digitiser from 1995-1998. We’re not sure how they did this, but we’d like to imagine that they used some form of “space trowel”.


These are full editions – everything from reviews, like this one of Actua Soccer on PlayStation, to Violet Berlin’s weekend columns. Even the adverts have been left intact.

As one of our Twitter followers mentioned, the subjects discussed in the letters pages are still relevant today – accusations of bias, claims that developers are running out of ideas and the sort.

Also: take a look at this Fat Sow rant that somehow appears to be from the future. That’s crazy, guy.

Scratching your head here? Digitiser was a daily videogame page on Teletext that blended the latest videogame news and reviews with a warped sense of humour. So warped, in fact, that it occasionally caused the writers to get into a spot of trouble with Teletext’s management.

You can press reveal (read: click here) to view our Digitiser feature from last year.

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