Crysis 3, take a bow (bow)

For the first time in ages, this week’s UK chart has two new entries in the top two positions.

Those two are Crysis 3 – which is the new number one – and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. Chart-Track reports that there’s a gap of 5,500 copies between them.

Although EA’s shooter and Konami’s hack and slasher sit atop the chart, neither has managed to better the launch figures for either Aliens: Colonial Marines or Dead Space 3. They’re now at #5 and #6 respectively, with Aliens: Colonial Marines’ sales down a significant 84%.

It’s a long scroll down the chart until we find the next new entry – Persona 4: Golden on PS Vita at #32.

It’s very quiet in the single format charts this week, with the only arrival of note being Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires appearing at a respectable #12 in the PlayStation 3 chart. We have to say the placing of that one has surprised us slightly.

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