Far Cry 3: Hunting 101

Rumour has it that when the developers of the Cablea’s Dangerous Hunts series played Far Cry 3 for the first time, they cried themselves to sleep. We can exclusively confirm that this rumour is untrue, because we just made it up.

What is true though is that Far Cry 3 handles hunting brilliantly, easily making the entire Cabela series even more irrelevant that it already is. The list of animals to hunt is as long as your arm and they’re a clever bunch, startled by the slightest of noises, and sometimes attacking in self-defence. Concoctions of herbs can be made to heighten hunting senses, and there’s also an ecosystem of sorts in place. Walk along the riverbanks and eventually you’ll see a crocodile leap out of the water and grab a deer or innocent citizen. It’s a scripted event, unless we’re mistaken, but still a sight to behold – Far Cry 3 is a game that excites and surprises in equal measure.

Here’s a light-hearted guide to bagging and tagging some of Far Cry’s critters. Sorry, PETA.

Rabid Dog
Why anybody would want to get within even a shotgun’s reach of a rabid dog is beyond us. Save the entire island from uncontrollably frothing at the mouth by pulling out a rocket launcher and putting the mutts out of their misery from afar. You can skin the dogs and then use their hides to make ammo pouches and other stuff, but chances are they’re riddled with other diseases too. You don’t want to be a hipster that badly, do you?

Komodo Dragon
Dragons breathe fire, and like the old saying goes – “Always fight fire with fire”. That’s unless you’re a fireman, of course. Equip the flamethrower and burn the jungle down. Dancing like a loony amidst the flames is optional.

We were under the impression that snakes only attack when agitated, but every one we’ve come across in Far Cry has been full of spite. It’s almost as if somebody has travelled round the whole island putting their thumb up their arse. They’re a sneaky bunch, leaping at you without warning, so throw a handful of grenades in their vicinity and hope that they mistake them for snake eggs.


After hearing a single gun shot the buffalo will start charging at your very location. As they’re often found in packs they will attack from all angles until you’ve been turned into a squidgy version of your former self. Don’t give them the chance – find a hang glider and drop down from above, attacking with all limbs flailing.

Bull Shark
Oxygen is the mortal enemy of the shark. After spending a couple of hours trying to find a snorkel to shove on a shark’s face, we discovered that the best way is to simply lure them towards the shore and then empty a whole clip of ammo from the pump action grenade launcher. Don’t use the flare gun by mistake, because you’ll end up looking look like an idiot by giving your location way to, y’know, every single bad guy on the island.

Ever driven past a farm and seen livestock happily scratching themselves against a post or tree? It’s their favourite thing to do, after campaigning on the internet for mint sauce to be banned. If there’s one thing that Far Cry 3’s islands have in bountiful supply, it’s trees. Strap C4 to every single one and you’re guaranteed to get a several hundred confirmed kills.

Giant Galapagos’ tortoise
Protected by a hard shell, these creatures can perplex at first as regular firepower won’t penetrate their shell. The most humane way to send the lettuce loving guys to their maker is to place a landmine in close proximity. Although they’re able to live until the ripe old age of 170, they’re still a randy sort. Going out with a bang – quite literally – seems a very fine way to go.

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