A New Year visit to THQ

Another stop on our non-stop tour of the gaming world via Google Street View. Yes, that definitely makes sense.

2012 was not a good year for THQ. Edge carried a rather good summary of their year as one of their Stories of 2012 last week, but in short: job losses, financial losses, studio closures, holding back every one of their Q4 titles, and finally filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December.

Jason Rubin, who I’d completely forgotten was hired as President of THQ in 2012, put the obligatory positive spin on the way the company ended the year, and he’s right: there is fresh investment on the table, so the company should come out of Chapter 11 stronger than it went into it. It’s perhaps unsurprising that he didn’t add that the reason they’ll be stronger is that the bankruptcy process will wipe out the company’s massive debts.

THQ have going to have to do something different to avoid racking up those debts all over again, but at least there’s reason for positivity at THQ as we enter 2013 – which is more than could be said a year ago. So let’s pay them a quick New Year visit. To Agoura Hills, California!

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Well, there certainly are a lot of trees. So many, in fact, that it’s tough to get a good view of the building from this side, but at least the logo is proudly in view.

The other side of the building is more visible from the freeway, but Google hasn’t trundled along there since THQ changed their logo, so that’s not an ideal vantage point. You do get a nice view of the surrounding hills, though.


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