Two festive freebies coming to XBLA

Microsoft and Telltale are showing some Christmas generosity on Xbox Live Arcade soon – Kinect Party and The Walking Dead: Episode One are going to be free over the festive season.

Kinect Party, which we casually reported on earlier today, sounds like some awful mini-game collection but thankfully isn’t. It is in fact the new name for the sequel to the well-received Happy Action Theatre and is due out 18th December.

After 31st December the price will go up to 800 MSP, although those who already have the original will be able to download it for 400 MSP. Double Fine are one of the few developers to use the Kinect to its fullest so it should be worth a look.

Then on Christmas Day until the end of the year Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Episode One will cost precisely nothing. If you like what see – we we’re sure you will – then the rest of the series can be downloaded at a cut-price on 28th December. We wouldn’t rule out the chance of it being free on PSN either, but there’s no official word at the moment.

If you have some Microsoft Points spare then you may be interested to know that the ‘2013 Countdown Sale’ starts next week. Eurogamer has the full and rather lengthy list here.

Matt Gander

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