It’s Adventure Time!

Our collector’s edition of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! arrived in the post today (just two days after the US release, thank you very much Videogames Plus) so we thought we’d share a couple of snaps.

It’s also available on 3DS but due to the system’s stupid regional lock-out we’ve had to opt for the region-free DS version. A UK release is still unconfirmed, sadly.

Considering the collector’s edition doesn’t cost a great deal more than the standard, it’s a really nice package. We’re not sure how the sword stylus is going to feel in our somewhat chunky hands, but D3 has been thoughtful enough to give it a pointed end. The metal tin is very nicely made and pleasing to the touch while the map should prove useful.

If you’re thinking that the map is reminiscent to one you’d expect to find in a Zelda game then that’ll be because WayForward have cited Zelda II as an influence. The ‘Book of Beasts’ meanwhile has screenshots and descriptions of every enemy. We’re looking forward to tangling with ‘chainsaw bear’ – a bear with a chainsaw sellotaped to its fur, funnily enough.

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