What’s inside Pete’s cube?

So Peter Molyneux’s “social experiment” Curiosity – what’s inside the cube has been out for two days now, and at the time of writing more than 396,000 people have tapped away at the giant cube, destroying more than 163 million cubelets. The big question remains – what is inside the cube? We’d like to offer some suggestions…

Peter Molyneux jazz handsA photo of Peter Molyneux
We wouldn’t be remotely surprised if the centre of the cube contained a giant photo of Peter Molyneux. Though the game’s FAQ does suggest the contents of the center are displayed within a video. So, a video of Peter Molyneux singing and dancing, with waving jazz hands? No one would put it past him. But could the centre of the cube contain something even more inspiring? What could possibly be more inspiring?

A SphereA Sphere
What could possibly be better than a cube? A sphere, that’s what. Sphere’s are much better than cubes. If Peter’s looking for a new avenue to go down after the success of Curiosity, we speculate that he could look into making a sphere tapping game. So, will the final cube tapper reveal a spherical sequel to the cube-based wonder? If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say… probably not. It’s an idea worthy of consideration though. Pete loves his 3D shapes.

Knowing Peter’s odd sense of humour and the pleasure he takes in trolling the gaming community, some have speculated that the centre of the cube may just contain a Youtube link to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. In the event that this happens, we may have to refer to Peter Molyneux as a comedy genius and a brilliant man of our modern age.

What else do you think could be inside the cube?

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