Spying on the new home of Halo

Halo 4 is out today. For those who have been living under an inanimate object for the past year or so, 343 Industries are at the helm of this new trilogy rather than Bungie, who have buggered off to do Activision’s bidding.

Tracking down an address for 343 Industries wasn’t the easiest of tasks – most websites point you to Microsoft’s Redmond HQ – but after a bit of sniffing around we found it. Appropriately enough, it’s Bungie’s old home. To Kirkland, Washington!

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A pretty plain and simple building all told, and have to admit to being disappointed by the lack of Warthogs in the carpark. It’s in a decent location for 343i’s employees though – a Starbucks and an Original Pancake House are situated right next door. Sugar and caffeine, we would imagine, are ideal sustenance for long coding sessions.

Do you know who 343i employees might bump into at said locations? Staff from Valve, whose sizeable HQ is also next door.

Must be handy if they ever need to borrow a crowbar.

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