Not everybody was kung fu fighting

While browsing the demo section on Xbox Live the other night I came across Kung Fu High Impact. The demo was released in November 2011, so I assumed that it had been canned prior to release as it’s a game I’ve never seen for sale.

A quick look on Google reveals that isn’t the case – it was indeed released but only in the US and in certain parts of Europe. Germany and surrounding areas, it would seem.

Turns out it gained some very good scores upon release in the US with the highest score being an 8/10 from Destructoid.

Curious? Good news – it’s stupidly cheap on About £13 including postage, according to today’s currency rate. You don’t need to make a new Amazon account – you can use an existing one. UK online retailer TheGamesCollection also has it in stock for £17.95. I guess they managed to source some copies of it somehow.

It’s quite cool to own a game only released in some PAL countries, I think. With budgets for games higher than ever it’s something we don’t see happening as much as we did back in the PlayStation 2 era.

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