Super Blatant Mario Clone, Bro

The App Store can be a sinful place at times. Take 3D Cartoon Land: Safari as an example. It doesn’t just pay homage to Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D Land – it’s a right bloody rip off.

The list of similarities is as long as our arm. The hero is dressed in an identical manner to Mario, enemies include turtles and walking mushrooms, there are floating boxes to smash and in the background familiar looking warp pipes can be seen. One screenshot even shows the main character with an item block for a head.

“Very simply yet very addicting,this unique game requires you to quickly jump over obstacles and collect coins.But you are not secure in this beautiful cartoon world.An angry tortoise could bite you.An easy and smooth control makes it very funny and to jump or run” reads the product description from Chinese developer Walnut JZ.

To make matters worse, the link to the developer’s site on the App Store brings us to a page that has shamelessly stolen Nintendo’s artwork.

The 69p app currently has three reviews, ranging from 2/5 to 5/5. We haven’t downloaded it as we don’t want to give these cheeky so-and-sos our money, but it’s suggested that the controls are a bit crappy and the main character cannot run.

Quite why the subtitle “Safari” has been added is beyond us. Perhaps the creators thought it would throw Nintendo’s lawyers off the scent?

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