Monthly Archives: September 2012

FIFA fans fume

While PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even 3DS owners are enjoying their new fangled version of FIFA 13 with their numerous new features, those who have purchased versions for other systems have been left shaking their heads in dismay. The lack of...
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Nintendo Land – hands on

If variety is the spice of life then Nintendo Land is a vindaloo with extra chillies. We’re not just talking about the variety of mini-games present but also the variety of controllers required. Aside from the touch-screen GamePad, some games require just...
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Rayman Jungle Run

Note to all: this is how to transfer a game to mobiles. Okay, so it’s not a conversion of Rayman Origins per se – but that’s the point. The wonderful UbiArt framework has been retained, but the controls stripped down to accommodate...
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