Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam

When we first caught wind that a game called Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam was arriving on the App Store our collective minds mustered up images of some sort of Professor Layton clone. Alas, this isn’t the case – it’s a vertical platformer similar to Doodle Jump and more recently Circus Atari.

Don’t feel disheartened though – Professor Pym has a twist. Quite literally, in this case. In order to propel himself up the screen, the titular Professor has to grab hold of large spinning wheels and then be released into the air at the right time. As you make your way through the levels new obstacles are introduced including cogs that move in different directions and ones partly covered in spikes. In some instances the Professor also has to be bounced off walls.

Dotted around the levels are collectable bolts which can be used to purchase in-game extras such as super jumps and gas masks which prevent the Professor from popping his clogs when touching the green smog that rises from the bottom of the screen. You can use real money (69p, to be exact) to purchase extra bolts and more levels but pleasingly this option isn’t constantly shoved in your face and instead kept almost hidden away. So well done to developers Naoplay there.

Although Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam isn’t quite as good looking as similar games on the App Store with the Professor himself quite poorly drawn, the fact that it relies on simple one tap controls rather than tilt control – which can be occasionally iffy – makes it a whole lot easier to play. The music isn’t bad either. You wouldn’t think that ‘chilled trance’ would suit a game set in a steam-punk world but it somehow does.

The App Store wasn’t in dire need of another vertical platfomer, but regardless we enjoyed this one as the rate that new things are introduced is well paced. It’s not exactly original, but it is very accessible and it’s clear that it has had attention put into it.

Version: iPhone
iTunes App Store: free

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