Inversion – will gravity let you down?

We feel a bit sorry for gravity-bending shoot ’em up Inversion. Not only has it had a rough development period but Namco-Bandai thought that the best time to send review code out to the press was just before E3.

In theory it was a smart idea – reviews would then appear on gaming sites the same time as the big E3 news stories were breaking, and thus they would get plenty of exposure.

The reality? Most sites posted their reviews between the E3 conferences and after just a few hours they were pushed to one side.

Eurogamer is one such site that did this. They gave it a 5/10. “A bad game? Not really: just an underwhelming one,” they said. EDGE meanwhile gave it a 6 – “The campaign may be action game business as usual, but it’s neatly stitched together by Saber’s technology,” was their verdict. 360 Gamer magazine liked it a little more and thought it was worth a 7.

A £29.99 price tag might help to influence your purchasing decision.

There isn’t a whole lot else out. Mahjong Mysteries: Ancient Athena on 3DS sounds like something that would be more at home on the eShop rather than being an almost full-price release, while adidas miCoach for Kinect and PS Move isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of Lucozade.

There aren’t any reviews available for either at the moment. If you’re curious, your best bet is to keep an eye on Metacritic to see if any pop up over the next week or so.

Next week: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS) and a handful of budget-priced Wii games – Monster Trucks, Supersonic Racer, Hyper Fighters and the apparently dreadful FlatOut.

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