I spy Gaikai

What David Perry is doing running a cloud gaming company and not making an new Earthworm Jim game, I will never know. Actually, that’s a lie: no-one is interested in a new moderately humorous 2D platformer; and that cloud gaming malarkey paid off rather handsomely this week, when Sony bought his company, Gaikai, for $380 million.

So, what does Sony’s move mean for PlayStation 4, and for that matter the very idea of a games console as a standalone product? No idea. Let’s have a look at their offices. To Orange County!

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That’s TechSpace at 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo in California’s Orange County. Gaikai are nestled on the second floor, which we know thanks to the bloody show-offs at The Verge, who interviewed David Perry there recently, and went inside and took photos and everything. Where were the hard-hitting Earthworm Jim questions though, eh? Cowards.

Being a multiple occupancy building, who does David Perry vaguely recognise and have slightly awkward conversations with? Perhaps he briefly touches on whether northern and southern California are still high growth areas in the real estate investment world, in the lift with the chap from CT Realty Investors. Maybe he exchanges a few words on automotive diagnostics software, in the car park with the man from Ein-Sof. We can’t know for sure, because The Verge didn’t bloody ask him.

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