Juliet is a Suda-star

Two out of the three games released last week have managed to enter the UK top 40.

It’s the rather good Heroes of Ruin on 3DS that misses out, having to make do with #5 in the 3DS chart.

Riding high though are both Lollipop Chainsaw – arriving at #4, much higher than possibly anybody anticipated – and Gravity Rush at #11. If we throw Dragon’s Dogma into the equation, which is at #16 down from #12 this week, that’s three new IPs in the top 20. We’d like that figure to be higher, but three still isn’t too bad. We guess.

FIFA 12 is back at the top of the chart for the obvious reason, pushing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Solider down to #2 while Max Payne 3 drops to #3. Diablo III is back up from #22 to #6 while Game of Thrones remains in the top 10 for a second week running at #7.

Prototype 2 is this week’s biggest faller, going all the way from #15 to #36.

Finally, we don’t know what Deer Drive is – and frankly we’re scared to check – but that’s in at #30 in the Wii chart this week.

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