E3: Curiosity killed the credit card

Peter Molyneux has been talking about his upcoming PC/mobile game Curiosity – the first from new studio 22Cans – and as the name suggest, it’s a curious one.

It’s not a ‘proper’ game as such, more of an experiment to explore the psychology of social media users.

The idea is to chisel away at a black cube in a room along with other players. Different chisels can be purchased which vary from a 59p iron chisel to, we kid you not, a diamond chisel that costs £50,000. We don’t even have to search Google to be able to tell you this is the most expensive piece of DLC in the history of videogames.

Just one diamond chisel will be available. “Will one person buy the chisel, or will players club together to share its power?” questioned Molyneux.

Whoever delivers the final blow to the cube will be treated to something that’s promised to be both amazing and one of a kind.

Whatever could it be? We feel a spoof list coming on:

  • Peter Molyneux’s 3DS friend code.

  • A photo of Peter in the nuddy.

  • A death threat.

  • The long lost final episode of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

  • An MP3 of Peter’s life story, read by Brian Blessed.

  • A treasure map leading to a cave full of unsold copies of Black & White 2.

  • A photo that links Peter to the mysterious disappearance of Red Rum the racehorse.

  • The chance to win £100,000, which then turns out to be a scratchcard sent to your home address in the post.

  • An invite to come to Peter’s house for dinner, with a choice of either chicken dippers or turkey dinosaurs.

  • Another diamond chisel.

We sincerely hope whoever discovers what’s inside will tell the rest of the world what it is. The whole thing would just be a massive waste of time otherwise.

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