Wreck-It Ralph cameos revealed

Brilliantly timed to coincide with E3, Disney has released a new trailer for their winter movie Wreck-It Ralph. As you’d expect from a movie which has been described as a gaming version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, cameos of videogame characters are in abundance.

The trailer shows Ralph – a videogame villain who wants to become a good guy – in a support group with other evil-doers including Eggman, Bowser, M. Bision, Zangief and a ghost from Pac-Man. The zombie is apparently based on one of the undead seen in Sega’s The House of the Dead.

The guys behind the movie must be some considerably hardcore gamers as there’s another lesser known bad guy in this shot – the final boss from Altered Beast. That’s unless the studio has managed to manifest a purple rhino with golden armour from their collective minds.

The highlight of the trailer however has to be Fix-It Felix trying to talk to Q*Bert, a character who only converses with random characters. “#!*@” indeed.

Last year Disney teased the movie with a mock up of a Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet. We have a sneaky suspicion that Disney will release a free game based on this, either for PC or iOS, to promote the movie nearer its release. Don’t quote us on that, mind.

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