Wow HD – putting the ‘wow’ in wowsers

Wow HD isn’t a website I frequently visit, but when they sent an e-mail reporting a massive 20% off all games this weekend the bargain hunter inside me couldn’t resist a look.

I have been informed in the past that the Wow HD (formally CD Wow) is a little shady with reports of people receiving foreign imports of DVDs instead of English versions. I didn’t really expect their shadiness to be in full view for everybody to see, however.

Casually listed on their UK site are NTSC versions of Xbox 360 games like Rock of the Dead and Field & Stream: Outdoorman’s Challenge, which never received a European release. If these games were region free then it wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, we’d probably be singing the site’s praises right about now.

The issue we have here is that the product description fails to point out games such as these will not work on a PAL console. Wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few people have ordered them only to find them useless once they’ve arrived.

Their dubious nature doesn’t end here. I even spotted games on their site which do not exist like an Xbox 360 version of uDraw Disney Princess. Apparently it’s in stock and available. Quite how this is possible beggars belief.

Let’s just ignore the fact I’m aware there isn’t a uDraw Disney Princess game for the Xbox 360 shall we? Thanks.

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