Fun Labs – Men in Bucharest

This month’s Street Viewtiful takes us all the way to Bucharest in Romania, the home of development studio Fun Labs.

They’re the guys behind movie tie-in Men in Black: Alien Crisis – which is out this week – and the copious amount of Cabela hunting games. For years we’ve assumed that they’ve based in the US, so you can imagine our surprise to learn that they’re located slap bang in the centre of Europe.

We were also quite surprised that their studio isn’t a huntsman’s log cabin with one of those moose heads on a plaque over the doorway. It’s just a small white building that appears to be in quite a busy part of Bucharest. Not only is there an Irish bar nearby but also a Pacha nightclub. We’d like to imagine the team popping out for a few pints of Guinness and a boogie every time a new game has been done and dusted and then sent off to Activision.

It’s quite hard to tell if there’s a Fun Labs sign on the building – it’s mostly surrounded by trees. The fact that if you move the Google Street View camera down the road a view-blocking tram appears doesn’t help our cause either.

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There’s a military base not far away, which must be handy if they ever need to check some weapons over before rendering them in whatever hunting game they’re currently working on. Cabela’s Call of Duty, anyone?

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