New Skylanders: glowing, glowing, gone

Just when we thought we’d seen the last of the special edition Skylanders until Skylanders: Giants arrives, Activision has slipped a few new ones out. Joining the rare gold and silver Skylanders toys are the similarly elusive glow in the dark and crystal clear figures.

Wrecking Ball, Warnado and Zap seem to be the figures given the glowing treatment. A set of all three sold for AU$500.00 (£312.01) while individually they’ve been selling for everything between £59 and £159.

The crystal figures have been fetching even greater amounts. Again, just a handful are available. Stealth Elf seems to the most common, followed by Cynder. The word ‘common’ there really is pushing it. A crystal Stealth Elf reached US$392.00 (£247.99) after 14 bids while a crystal Cynder went for US$250.00 (£158.16). This crystal Wham Shell didn’t manage to find a new home though.

Also of note are the limited edition Stump Smash figures, available only to winners of a recent Frito Lay’s competition. 7,334 of these were up for grabs so they shouldn’t be that hard to track down. What makes this figure unique is that it has been flocked to give a velvet-feel, presumably to imitate moss. Prices have been averaging US$100 (around £65).

This last figure reminds us of a He-Man character – the infamous Moss Man.

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