Dare you re-enter the Dragon’s Lair?

Wednesday has been release day for new Xbox Live Arcade games for as long as we can remember, but over the past few months Microsoft has been releasing the occasional game on a Friday to liven up dull weeks.

Today is a fine example – we’re being treated to an Xbox Live Arcade version of the notorious laserdisc arcade game Dragon’s Lair. This’ll be the sixty-sixth format that it has appeared on since being first released back in 1983.

This rendition has been ‘blessed’ with Kinect controls. Considering it’s a game that requires very fast reactions, we feel pretty confident in saying that motion controls are simply being thrown in for the sake of it.

800 MSP to you, governor. Or you could just watch the whole thing being played from start to finish in less than 10 minutes in the video below:

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